Maintenance of Concrete Pumps Health Safety Alert No 84

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    Keep brake line anti-freeze and fuel conditioner in your concrete pump at all times. It is good to keep your sponge balls in anti-freeze in the winter as well. It is not uncommon to see a concrete pump return to the yard because a ball is frozen within the boom. And don't panic if you are frozen.

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    Want to extend the life of your concrete boom pump? Here are some tips on how to maintain your concrete pump and keep your companys concrete jobs producing good cash flow. Every 8 Hours or at the End of Every Day. ON THE PUMP: Grease the back end. Check the pretension on the accumulators gas. Then check the oil. Finally check the water box stroke it a few times and dump it. ON THE TRUCK: Check the tires oil diesel power steering and radiator fluid. Every 40 Hours. ON THE PUMP ...

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    Aug 28 2008 · 1. Managing the risks from concrete pumping 2. Risks associated from concrete pumping 3. Planning and preparation 4. Risk controls for concrete pumping plant 5. Inspection and maintenance 6. Safety equipment 7. Training and supervision Appendix 1 Dictionary. Important information about the Concrete Pumping Code of Practice 200