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    With concrete pump hire from Concrete Pumping Network you can maximise the time you have to work with the concrete and minimise labour costs. Whether youre working on a home extension and want concrete pumped through your garden or you have a large commercial construction project where concrete needs to be poured at a height our range of ...

  • Concrete Pumping - How to Pump Cement - The Concrete Network

    When concrete is pumped it is separated from the pump line walls by a lubricating layer of water cement and sand. Naturally the concrete mix must be suitable for its particular application but it must also contain enough water for the mix to move easily through the reducers bends and hoses found in most basic pipeline setups.

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    Concrete can bleed due to poorly graded sand that allows water to bleed through the small channels formed due to voids in the sand or if the concrete is too wet. Insufficient mixing can cause segregation in the mix. For successful pumping aggregate must have a full coating of cement grout to lubricate the mix as it is being pumped.

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    Pea-rock pumps for example are designed to pump cement-based mixtures containing a 1/2-inch top aggregate size such as repair grouts shotcrete and self-leveling overlays. Other line pumps can handle higher-slump concretes containing larger coarse aggregate (3/4- to 1 1/2-inch rock). These models are better suited for placing concrete slabs ...

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    Dec 27 2017 · One of the major requirement of concrete pumping is to find out suitable pump for particular job. For right type of pump selection using nomograph following information should be known. 1.Require voulme of concrete to be delivered in hours (Cumtr / Hr) 2.Internal diamtere of pipe line. 3.Total pipeline length including bends.